Downloadable tools #forSafeWorship

8 Ways to Contribute to the Safeguard of Religious Sites

Interested to know how you can help? Read this simple 8-point guide. These are just some of the many things that you can do to make an impact!

Click here to download the toolkit.

How to Advocate #forSafeWorship on Social Media

Religious sites are symbols of our history, traditions, and humanity in every country and community across the globe. They must be respected as places of peace and harmony where worshippers and visitors can feel safe. We count on you to spread the word on social media and show how you stand #forSafeWorship!

Join the global call to action #forSafeWorship.

I believe in a world where hope surpasses fear. I am part of a global community that is inclusive of all people, regardless or religions or beliefs. I believe that religious sites are symbols of our shared humanity, history, and traditions. I commit to standing up and speaking out against violence against worshippers and religious sites, and to contributing to the safeguard of religious sites. I stand #forSafeWorship.

Thank you for taking the pledge #forSafeWorship.

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