In this short video, Syed Hussain Raza, of Pakistan, speaks about religious diversity and the need to celebrate one anotherโ€™s traditions, religions, and faiths. Syed is a recipient of UNAOC and BMW Groupโ€™s 2019 Intercultural Innovation Award.

By Syed Hussain Raza

I live in Multan, Pakistan, a city with a history of people living with diverse religious backgrounds. Although there have been incidents of unrest in the past few decades due to rising extremism, there have also been many positive, peaceful stories of interfaith and interreligious harmony. My city’s unique aspect is that people from different religious backgrounds invite people from other religious backgrounds to their holy events for joint celebrations. During Christmas, non-Christians will organize, facilitate, and participate in events with their Christian brothers and sisters, and people of other religions follow the same pattern. Muslims, Hindus, Shia Minority, and all others will invite and jointly celebrate one another’s events. People also visit one another’s worship places and offer their religious sites to other faiths for celebrations.

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